Monday, May 5, 2014

1000 M St NW- 2014 update

1000 M St NW11000 M St NW gets a good number of hits for an old post and so I figured it might be occupied by now. Walking by on a Sunday afternoon, I'm not sure what it is. It could be a decently maintained vacant property, or poorly occupied. The Christmas wreath is still on the door and a fair amount of mail in the mail box. It is also being charged the vacant rate by the DC tax office. It currently owes $23,060.13. The property assessed value is a little over 1 million dollars.
The owner is listed as a M Angelidou with a Washington, DC P.O. Box. This is the same owner listed back when Ed wrote up the 2007 post on this vacant property. A quick check on the Social Security Death Index revealed nothing.
Checking DCRA's PIVS application, the property is in the Shaw Historic District, and there is a zoning overlay for the Downtown district. There have been several permits issued over the years. The last one was from 2012 (F1200419) for window/door grills.
It looks as if it could become occupied. Permits look as if there might have been electrical work, roofing and other work done. However, experience has shown that a permit filed, does not mean work done.

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