Wednesday, April 30, 2014

1534-1536 9th St NW- Shiloh's Historically Vacant Property

Vacant Builds on 9th1534 9th St NW and 1536 9th St NW sit next to a few other vacant properties on the northern end of 9th St that do not belong to Shiloh Baptist Church, the Carter G. Woodson complex, owned by the National Park Service.
Although all the vacant 9th Street Shiloh properties sit in an historic district, there is nothing compelling the church to restore them other than the vacant property tax, which thus far has produced little.
Since 2005, the yearly taxes paid for the property at 1534 9th NW has ranged from $8,238.62 to $48,238.00, the higher amount being from 2009 like so many other Shiloh properties on 9th.  In total for the years 2005-2013, Shiloh Baptist Church has paid $156,203.58* in property taxes.
1536 9th St NW, like 1534, is listed as vacant. Payments from 2005 to 2013 range from $4,083.98 to $50,178.00. The lower amount was followed with a higher payment of $36,153.45 the next year. The total paid for those years is $164,049.32*. The 2005-2013 tax total for both properties is $320,252.90*.

*Taxes only calculated once.

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