Monday, April 13, 2015

Sometimes if you wait long enough

1211 10th St NWI'm a horrible procrastinator. I meant to post about a house on 10th St the seemed to be going nowhere. Then a week or so later I noticed that it had permits and construction seemed to be on it's way. So....  if you wait long enough with some vacant properties something will happen.
Maybe not this week.
Maybe not this month.
Maybe not this year.
Or even this decade.
But, eventually, something will happen.
Regarding 1211 10th St NW, pictured here. Permits were issued around this time last year to remove the load bearing walls, and another permit to turn it into condos or somethin' was issued in November. The BadWolfDC (not Dr. Who related at all) blog has documented the history of this particular property.
1435ish 11th St NW 2But I'm really excited to see is a property around 1435-1437 11th St NW. That place was vacant when I arrived in Shaw back in 2000. It was very vacant then. It was vacant when I moved to the Truxton Circle area of Shaw. It was vacant a decade later. Nothing was happening. Google's Streetview Time Machine shows that even in 2011 nothing was happening, except the building was attracting graffiti. Apparently 1431 11th St NW does not exist, but for permit purposes 1437 11th St NW does. Permits for that address go back to 2013. According to the DC Property Tax Database, the owners, Triad Builders LLC of Bethesda, MD have been sitting on this since 2009. Well I'm thankful that something, in the past decade or two is being done. The unfinished work thus far is a great improvement over what was there for heaven's knows how long.Sq338-lot41