Friday, May 1, 2015

Vacant Stickers- 1539 4th St NW

1539 4th St NWI've been noticing lately bright yellow stickers on properties around the neighborhood declaring properties vacant.
That's helpful.
This vacant property is a 1539 4th St NW. It is owned by a C D Major of Forth Washington, MD since heavens knows when. It was determined vacant this year (yay DCRA). 

There  are others.

 The photo on the right I spotted on the 400 blk of N St NW. Unfortunately, I did not get the address. This had building permits and I by the time I noticed the ladder (and the guy on it) I had decided to walk away. But it is another example of the yellow vacant stickers going up around the city.

Vacant Signage on N St NW