Monday, April 15, 2013

1530 3rd St NW - Work being done

Just an update. I passed by 1530 3rd St NW. I have noticed work is being done. There appears to be a permit on the door. Thing is, DCRA's PIVS has no permits listed for this year and the owner is still dead. But for a dead guy he's throwing up framing pretty quickly.
Since we're in a hot-hot prosecco-bubbly real estate market I predict that this will sell quickly for an ungodly amount of money regardless if the right permits or any inspections occur.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

GGW- Abandominium @ 1260 Talbert St SE

If there are squatters it is still a vacant property.
GGW has a post titled "Vacancy at the Parkway Guesthouse Abandominium" a play on the word abandoned and condominium. According to the post, when visited the property was not secure, doors were not locked and anybody could come in. According to photographs it looks pretty rough and a ceiling has fallen in.
The property at 1260-1272 Talbert Pl SE was purchased last year for (according to GGW) 1 million dollars. One can assume that it will eventually get torn down and developed. There is a permit to raze the property (# R0900193).