Sunday, January 29, 2017

1801-1803 6th St NW- New thing

Well the last thing I posted here was 1801-1803 6th Street, NW and I was meaning to post other properties, but I noticed a new thing today on my way to the Shaw/Howard metro. This!
I saw the brick and I thought, "So it finally collapsed." Nope. I have no idea where those bricks came from. maybe the kitty I saw last time did it. Instead I saw what is pictured. I'm not sure what is going on here. The plywood against the fence is new.
I should note, that the next time I look this property up on the tax database, it is 1801-1806 6th St NW. All owned by  David E. Samuel, whose address is listed as 1801 6th St W. Don't know how he's getting any mail since there ain't no mailbox there. And in the database the lot number is 0058. Historically, 1801 is lot 27, 1803 lot 28, and 1805 lot 29. Also I think 1806 is a typo, as this is the odd numbered side of the street.... Whatever it is, it is not taxed at the vacant property rate. And what is in the database looks, incorrect.

Looking at another resource, David E. Samuel bought 1803 6th Street from 1901 D St LLC in May of 2008. For 1801 6th Street, he's E. David Samuel and it looks like he's owned it since the 1990s. And 1805 is not a part of this. 1806 is on the other side of the street and it's condos.

DCRA's PIVS has something interesting for 1801 6th Street. In 2008 it got a permit for "Demolition of two non-load bearing (front and rear) exterior brick veneer walls and rebuilding same non-load bearing walls." In 2014 a Construction/Fence permit ( F1400130) to put up a "Temporary 6' chain link construction fence installed at site perimeter." In 2015 it got a Construction/Raze for a "TWO STORY BRICK SINGLE FAMILY DWELLING" (R1400153).  Well the fence is up. There are other permits, one received in December 2016 to extend the raze permit and this year an electrical permit (E1702856). There are no permits for 1803 6th St NW. Last year it appears someone was set to inspect the property (SVP1601799) but it was cancelled, or something happened. 

There are ways of avoiding the vacant property tax rate. Permits are one way. Neighbors should keep an eye on this property, as it has been vacant for a number of years and nothing done.