Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Task force tries to take back H Street - Examiner.com

"...a large number of shuttered storefronts appears to be choking the area’s vitality, making local business owners nervous that the neighborhood’s transformation will continue. Some believe the problem is speculators who have bought vacant buildings and don’t want to invest capital into them until they can be flipped for a profit.
...a task force created earlier this summer is attempting to put pressure on those speculators to either sell or develop the properties, Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Alan Kimber said..."
Courtney Mabeus
The Examiner
Aug 16 2007

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Fifth and Oh: Vacant Properties, con'd.

"I noticed yesterday that there's a Fire Department condemnation notice on the property at 1417 5th Street NW (pictured above). Apparently that doesn't mean too much except for requiring the owner to secure the property against unauthorized entry and vermin infestation. But at least it suggests that someone may be paying attention. This property is actually on the vacant properties list, but it's still listed as Class 1 residential rather than the Class 3 rate that's supposed to be applied to vacant properties. Best of all, according to the on-line data, it's getting the homestead deduction!"
DaddyFiveOh also excerpts his written statement for Mary Cheh's July 3 hearing.

ANC2C02 Forum - Ward 2 Core Team vs Vacant Properties in Shaw

"The word from Joe Martin is that Mayor Fenty has requested that officials from the Dept. of Consumer Regulatory Affairs, the US Attorney's Office, the Office of the Attorney General, MPD, the Dept. of Health, the Dept. of Mental Health, Fire/EMS, and the Dept. of Public Works take to the streets Aug. 1 and address vacant property issues along 9th Street."

renewshaw.com: Condemnations Yield More Parking and $200k for Shiloh

"Shiloh's latest Take Down the Signs Update triumphantly claims that as of July 22, 2007, campaign donations total $199,880.53. The update also reveals that Shiloh awaits a permit to dismantle the garage behind 1534 9th Street, which will, no doubt, make way for more church parking in the near future (does anyone know why this structure isn't also protected by the HPRB?)."