Friday, March 27, 2015

328 T St NW- minor update

I mentioned this property last year in February.
It's still vacant.
It is still owned by Howard University.
But recently quoted in the Washington City Paper, the Howard University President said ground will break to restore the property in 6 months.
As of today there is nothing in the DCRA PIVS about a permit and it being in an Historic District means a little more work, so someone needs to start doing the paperwork now if anything that looks like real work on the ground is going to happen.


Esco said...

Hello, I've been keeping up with the vacant property blog you have. However, I'd like to pick your brain for a second. How does one obtain information about a vacant property that is possibly up for sale or is there possibly a listing that the DC govt has on vacant properties or rehab properties that are up for sale? I know I'm probably one in a million people asking you questions, but fingers crossed. Thank you.


Mari said...

My favorite go to website is for all things Real Estate is . Otherwise, just because it is vacant, doesn't mean it is up for sale or easily transferred. It's not a good deal if the title is messed up because it was never clear which relative the property was supposed to go to, the bank hasn't owned up to owning their foreclosure, or if the property is tied up in the courts. DC Property might never be available to sale because they want to use it as a bargaining chip or aren't ready to let it go, or have unrealistic terms (Langston School).