Tuesday, August 6, 2013

May or maynot be vacant but surely concerning

1801 6th St Nw
I've noticed a house over the years at the corner of 6th and S Streets NW that looks as if it is falling down, or about to fall down. In the front, on the 6th Street side I have noticed the windows getting ever more crooked as the years go by. The brick along the chimney disappeared some time ago. Cracks under and above the windows along with new cracks (new to me) along the S Street side that seem to hint that this building might fall down the small hill it is on.
The house at 1801 6th St NW is attached to another house at 1803. According to DC.gov's online property tax database the two addresses are combined and owned by someone living in the corner structure, but not receiving a homestead deduction, or even a senior citizen discount. So I am not going to look at the Social Security Death Index but I will keep my eye on this one.