Wednesday, February 18, 2015

DC Vacant Property in Anacostia falls down

See Art of Ward 8's post Mother Nature Takes Its Toll on Historic Anacostia.
The Washington City Paper has a longer article "After Historic Anacostia Facade Collapses, Neighbors Charge City with 'Demolition by Neglect'" and I have an address.
Mother Nature demolished the vacant properties but the City of the District of Columbia made it easy for her to do by leaving the structure open to the elements, for years. Looking at Google Street View's Time machine I see that in 2007 there was a little bit more 'there' there.
There appears to have been a roof. There were sides and a back.
June 2008 the sides were coming down. The roof was off and the interior, which looks a little burnt out, was exposed.
July 2008 most of the sides and the whole roof were gone.
2011 the property is mostly a facade with a steel bracing thing in the rear. We had the same thing going on at the O Street Market in NW DC.
Not much changed from 2011-2014.
Now 2015. Rubble. Now DC Government has a vacant lot.
Destroy a building in 8 years. Just add exposure and neglect.

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