Tuesday, May 6, 2014

460 Ridge St NW

460 Ridge St NWThere is not much to say about 460 Ridge St NW. It is owned by the DC government, I gather. It is a vacant lot. It has a sign and a fence. It is long and thin. It is not in the DC Tax office assessment database, as far as I can tell.
The sign hints it belongs to the DC Department of Housing and Community Development. Or maybe DHCD just puts signs up for properties like this.
I have noticed long vacant skinny lots like this are getting townhomes thrown on them in recent days. DC could turn it over to a developer, or turn it into an alley or make it a skinny community garden. With the grass growing, I gather there is enough light for such a thing.

Note- Apparently around November 26, 2007 there was a  house on this lot that collapsed. There is a Flickr photo of the damage here and here. A blogger Ninjamonkey posted something about the collapse. In 2012 developer Blue Sky Housing LLC applied to do something with the lot and the neighboring property (PDF).

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