Friday, March 3, 2017

448 Q Street NW- Looks vacant to me

I've passed by 448 Q Street NW many times and found the lack of stairs to the front door odd (notice in the 2004 photo left).
According to DCRA's PIVS the inspector does come out once a year since 2014 and most of the time it is cited as vacant. One year, 2015, it was noted as occupied. Only the adjacent neighbors know for sure because the lack of stairs into the front a home (I know this sounds crazy) does not necessarily mean it isn't occupied. There is always the back door. All I know is when I come by, Summer, Winter, or Fall, day or night, I see no signs of life, just maintenance.
When I look for the latest sale date I see 1901! Yes, according to DCRA's PIVS the last date of sale was over 100 years ago. Going over to the tax assessors website, there is no date but I see the owner, Andres R. Alquinta is receiving the Senior Citizen Homestead deduction. Yeah..... my aunt was 102 when she died and has been paying that discounted homestead deduction after her death, so I'll have to dig further to see if the owner is still alive, or more than likely dead like my beloved great-aunt.
Looking at the paper trail, it appears Alquinta is out of the picture and hasn't signed for anything in this century. He (I'll just assume male) has a guardian, as one might have as one enters the twilight of one's life and that guardian has been dealing with what looks to be developers MSC Development and the 448 Que Partnership.
I'll keep my eye on this one. If there is an elderly person living here using the rear please alert me so I can take this post down.

NOTE: I have the memory of a gnat- I've posted on this house before.

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