Monday, March 6, 2017

1538 9th St NW- Off the list

The National Park Service FINALLY, finished the home of Carter G. Woodson.
I posted about the problem the structure was in February 2014.
  by In Shaw
3 years ago the property was a problem. The NPS put up a fence that was supposed to keep the homeless men who used the basement and door/window wells as a hang out and sleeping area. However, it extended out to the street blocking the sidewalk. So if you wanted to walk down 9th you had the option of walking in the street or crossing around 4-6 lanes to the other side.

Ten years ago, the blogs original author Ed mentioned it, and it was abandoned then too. Previously it was owned by Shiloh Baptist Church which still owns many, many crumbly 9th Street properties with no shame and no real plan. It was acquired by NPS in 2005.

Usually I complain about DC government properties that stay vacant for-ever, when no one has any idea what will happen to the property. When the federal government, the NPS, purchased it, there was a plan. But that was 12 years ago. Over a DECADE. So in the case of already vacant properties, remember this and a dozen other places around the city and things tagged "government" when even entertaining the suggestion that the city or the federal government take over, unless you're into waiting a decade or more for change.

Now don't plan a trip to the Carter G. Woodson house just yet. It still is not open to the public as of yet. It's safe enough for the NPS to let in a few VIPs for special visits. Good enough to me.

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