Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Legislation to Dispose of DC Govt owned vacant properties

Well we'll see where this goes.....
Councilmember Elissa Silverman has introduced some legislation that is supposed to deal with all the vacant properties that the DC Government owns. The legislation is called "Property Disposition Reform Amendment Act of 2017" and you can find the proposed legislation at this link.

The way I read it, there is a catch. Not a horrible catch, but a catch. Check out line 77 section 8B where it mentions something about residents with an income at or below 120% of the AMI. The 2016 AMI is $108,600, but if you want to get into household size and all that, check out this PDF. So she threw in a affordable housing idea. It doesn't appear it is a requirement.

I do hope it is like the way HUD disposes of property, giving possible owner occupant first dibs and then letting everyone else try for it afterwards to do whatever they want with it.


Maria Copeland said...

When does the city release the list for the blighted building (for tax sale)?

Mari said...

June typically. But it is crazy so I stopped going.