Saturday, April 23, 2016

45 Rhode Island Ave NE

This is one of those not vacant, vacant properties.
One of the things that make something officially "not vacant" is construction work requiring a permit..... However there is no rule of how dang long it can take or whether or not the structure is made habitable.
Considering 45 RI Ave NE was bought last year in late September there is some hope that this is not another string of minor things done to give the appearance of doing something. There were several permits issued between 2011-2014. I'm not sure if that kept the taxman at bay but there was a hefty tax bill of $10K to be paid when the property was sold last year.
Since the new owners are an LLC in Truxton, I'm going to assume the new owner will do well and hopefully get this property back into the land of the living.
Before last years purchase this thing was vacant for the longest time with issues. There is no point naming the former owner, but there were liens, foreclosure notices, and what looked to be a mess of problems.
I'll keep an eye on this one as when I passed by to take a photo of the property, there were "homeless" guys hanging out.

**People who look "homeless" aren't necessarily homeless as many people define the term. Homelessness in the District is a complex issue and not the focus of this blog.