Sunday, February 18, 2018

1316 8th St NW- Still vacant

In December I noticed this FINALLY got a vacant property sticker.
About a year or two ago I had run into Alex P who said the owner was going to do something. Well, that was wishful thinking.
This has been vacant a long long time.
It's 2018 and it is still vacant.
A look at the DC Property Tax database shows, who look to be regular non-resident taxes, not the light a fire under yer butt vacant tax rate. The database doesn't give a date when the listed owner, Martin E. Hardy, obtained ownership. From other searches it appears he bought it for $425,500 in 2009. 
Maybe the problem is this address seems to be under two different lot numbers. I gather the old lot number is 0070, the new is 0830.
Anyway, it is 2018. The last permit I can find using DCRA's website....[grumble], was issued in 2014. It is to repair the earthquake damaged walls and change from a single family to multifamily. There were some permits prior to that, but my memory of visually inspecting from the sidewalk for several years this house, I haven't seen any changes. It looks the same since 2014 when I blogged about it earlier.
What's happening around it? Well Scripture Cathedral is gone and there is a hole in its place where some fancy schamancy condos/apartments for hipsters will be built.
Let's see if the city gets around to charging Mr. Hardy the proper tax rate because he's had 9 years to do whatever the heck he was going to do with this.

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