Wednesday, June 22, 2016

210 P St NW

210 P St NW 2016 I could have sworn I've written about this property.
Anyway 210 P St NW is vacant. It's got a yellow sticker vacant.
According to the DC property tax database an LLC (read developer) bought it this year for $200,000, a bargain possibly in April. However, DC PIVS still seems to think that Ali Zolfajhar, who gained ownership in 2007, is still the owner. *Shrug*
You see permits in the window, I have no idea when those are from. I guess I could have walked into the yard, but no. According to PIVS there is a permit for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, two for 2014, and one for 2015. The one for 2013 is a doozy, noted by the BACA blog that it was to turn the building into a 4 unit. Maybe do the monster building thing several doors down?

Monday, June 13, 2016

213 Bates Street NW

You probably can't tell from the photo that the yellow "vacant" sticker is being held up with tape. I don't expect that to stay on long.
This house is owned by Enanu Z Dixon Trustee since about 2005 for $525,000, according to the DC Tax Assessment database. However, I noticed that this is not listed as being taxed at the vacant rate. I can only guess it was a normal occupied house up until a certain point because since 2005 the tax payments were normal amounts, not something that looks like the vacant rate. I don't know why. DCRA found the house vacant in 2013, 2014, and 2015. This year it is blighted. Yet, it is not charged at the higher vacant tax rate.
Looking at DCRA's PIVS Application, there are 2 permits for the property, from 2004 and 2005, so nothing in the last decade. There was a Stop Work Order issued in 2015, so that might explain the gut job I saw when I looked though the windows and saw no framing or 2nd floor or rear windows.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

45 Bates St NW-2016 update

This property at 45 Bates Street NW (Sq. 615 lot 292) has been vacant for a long while and I mentioned it last year on the blog but didn't provide detail.
This is the year for detail.
Cameron Properties of DC is listed as the owner and has been the owner since January 7, 2014, sorta. I'm looking at the ownership records and it is confusing to me. Going back to the late 20th century a Florence Johnson and an Olivia Davis were the owners. From what I could tell the house had problems. It seems that by December 2013 Olivia Davis was dead and her ownership passed to a Sterling Richardson. The 2014 transaction has a whole new cast of characters, Cameron Properties of DC (located in Silver Spring, MD) and someone named LJ Cavelli to whom Richardson sold his interest in the property. I'm guessing Florence Johnson can claim something, maybe.....
Why yes, yes she can. Doesn't matter that she's dead too.
This is is an example of why things remain f*ed up for a while, not to knock Ms. Johnson's estate's rights. There was some sort of court case in 2014.
Okay, so then that had to get cleared up.
Moving on to 2015.
DC Water has a problem and a lien.
In 2016, the property was condemned by DCRA, however DCRA has the address listed as 45 Bates St NE, not NW.
Also I'm not sure if there is a $200K or $900K loan out on this pile of bricks and land. If it is just $200K I'm sure this hot mess can be saved. If the other amount... *sigh*. In 2013 there was a permit to "Repair roof to replace shingles and repair water leakage. Replace windows and doors with potential to new frames and some brick repair while fixing windows and doors. Repair brick masonary as be needed in the back of house."Then the permit was extended in September 2014. If the higher loan amount is correct, one would think that would be enough to fix the place up if the money wasn't spent on dealing with a lawsuit from a dead lady, or whatever. Heck even that amount should cover the dead.
Speaking of money, the various owners have not paid a red cent in property taxes since 2011. They are a bit behind and as of this year are $113,230.91 behind in tax payments.

This is not going to get better anytime soon.

Do not suggest the city should take it over. If you are of this silly belief please walk over to the Langston School on the unit block of P St NW or over to 454 N St NW.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

1014 Rhode Island Ave NE

Well I found this lovely clip on the internet of 1014 Rhode Island NE on fire. I reported on the structure before. The date is 8/16/2014, that's almost 2 years ago and nothing has happened.

Monday, May 30, 2016

1000 M St NW- 2016 update

1000 M St NWThis is an update from the 2014 update.

Still vacant.

But now it has one of those yellow stickers on it that all the popular vacant houses are sporting these days.

As far as I can tell back in 1981, Maria Angelidou, Jagdish & Elsip Sakaria bought the property from 3 other persons. Around 2006-2007 the city condemned the property and the principle owner M Angelidou apparently corrected the problem, and it is no longer considered condemned. There were a few permits for work here and there. The last permit for work was obtained in 2012 for the fence and iron grills. I should note that this property is in a Historic District so extra hoops must be jumped. Also as of this date the owner(s) owe the city $138,009.70 in taxes for a property valued at about $1.3 million dollars.

On the outside this is a beautiful home and a desirable address. But as I learn more about property I understand a bit more about the complications of things and sometimes why pretty houses and not so pretty addresses remain in limbo or left wallowing in being less than it could be. Sometimes owners are overwhelmed and unwilling to admit failure. Sometimes they are dead, and their heirs and executors have little motivation to do one thing or another and doing nothing is the easiest path. There are various things that can go wrong. Property can bind divorcees, fighting family members, business partners who've had a falling out and other combinations of people, unwillingly together, tying it and them up. I have no idea of what the deal is here. Even when the owners are peaceful and alive, there could be other reasons, sometimes that reason is greed or unrealistic desires.

Anyway, since 2014 it has been taxed at the vacant tax rate and the payments have not caught up with it.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

45 Rhode Island Ave NE

This is one of those not vacant, vacant properties.
One of the things that make something officially "not vacant" is construction work requiring a permit..... However there is no rule of how dang long it can take or whether or not the structure is made habitable.
Considering 45 RI Ave NE was bought last year in late September there is some hope that this is not another string of minor things done to give the appearance of doing something. There were several permits issued between 2011-2014. I'm not sure if that kept the taxman at bay but there was a hefty tax bill of $10K to be paid when the property was sold last year.
Since the new owners are an LLC in Truxton, I'm going to assume the new owner will do well and hopefully get this property back into the land of the living.
Before last years purchase this thing was vacant for the longest time with issues. There is no point naming the former owner, but there were liens, foreclosure notices, and what looked to be a mess of problems.
I'll keep an eye on this one as when I passed by to take a photo of the property, there were "homeless" guys hanging out.

**People who look "homeless" aren't necessarily homeless as many people define the term. Homelessness in the District is a complex issue and not the focus of this blog.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Eyesore at 1014 Rhode Island Ave NE

This isn't really up to the standards I want in creating a post, but I've been procrastinating for way too long.
This image is taken from Google Street view of a house about 2-3 blocks from the Rhode Island Metro station. It was messed up a year or two back in a house fire and has been sitting around so long it attracted graffiti. Big noticeable bubble graffiti.  This house is in a great location, it shouldn't sit as an eyesore as long as it has.

There are other eyesores on Rhode Island Ave NE between this place and the Woodridge neighborhood and it has been bugging me that I haven't listed them on this blog. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

313-317 R St NW, a row of vacancy

300block of R St NWI sorta kinda wrote about this section of vacant houses in "Mr. Squatter, I Salute You". Well Mr. Squatter has long moved on and I have seen these yellow houses, condos really, pop up on the real estate websites being for sale, and well doing nothing.
At the time I shot this photograph two guys were trying to take a look in the center yellow townhouse as it is for sale. They've mostly been for sale and if they weren't condos probably would have sold by now and not have the bright yellow stickers of vacancy.
Let's review: (Starting from the right going left)
313 R St NW, units 1 & 2 are owned by the 313 R St LLC. Since the LLC is at a residential address in Potomac, MD I'm sure if I spent a little more energy I could figure out one name behind the LLC, but since he or she or they only recently obtained the two units in the right most yellow Wardman house (yes, it is a Wardman) on October 16th of this year. It had been on the market for over 800 days and sold for $440k. According to a note "Condo Association is not warranted, this condo was changed to a single family home. The bank is selling this property ( As-Is. )" it is a single house again, maybe. Hopefully the new owner will shine it up and sell for a pretty penny.
315 R St NW, units 1 and 2 are owned by two different LLCs. Unit 1 is owned by MTGLQ INVESTORS LP. Unit 1 also happens to be for sale now for $359K. A quick look at the pictures and I am going to guess there is mold/water damage so a cash buying investor would need to pick this up and take care of the roof or whatever is causing the damage. The current owners bought it as a foreclosure this year on March 25th for $405K and tried to sell it in April for I guess $399K. I don't know what's up with that. Unit 2 is owned by 315 R St LLC, the address in Rockville is associated with an attorney's office. That LLC got their unit in April 2011 for $175K and are taxed at the residential rate. Neither units 1 or 2 are charged at the vacant rate. There appears to have been a tiny bump in how much the properties owed the city in 2011. If the LP and the LLC can get together, maybe they can offload these.
The last and left most yellow house in our group is 317 R St NW. Unit 1 lists Raonuito Salazar as the owner, but I have my doubts. The city tax database lists him as the owner, buying the property in 2008 for $650K (waaaay too much IMHO). However, Redfin lists the property as been sold in foreclosure Feb 24, 2015 for $467,500, and it is now for sale for $329,900 and has been on the market for over 100 days. It's another property with water and mold damage and needs a cash buyer who can deal with all that as you can't get a regular loan due to the funky messed up condo thing. Tax-wise this has a Class 3 exception, so it is not being charged at the vacant rate. Unit 2 has Zion Group LLC listed as the owner with a commercial address on Kenilworth Ave NE. I found QHI Construction associated with the address but the two could be unrelated. Unit 2 was purchased in 2009 for $438,400. Neither of these are paying the vacant rate but the property does have the vacant sticker on it.
When I get around to it I will report these to DCRA or somebody. None of these were listed on the 2015 Blighted or Vacant Buildings Lists.
I stand by what I wrote earlier, you don't need new laws, you need better enforcement.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

We don't need a new law, just need you to enforce the old one

Recently WAMU had a short story on vacant and blighted properties. DC Council member Elissa Silverman wants to change the law to place the burden on the property owner. However the problem seemed to be that there aren't enough inspectors. There are only 4 for the whole city.
There are problems with switching it around to place the burden on the owner. Friends who bought and lived in a formerly vacant house, had to pay the vacant rate for at least a year (maybe more) taking out a loan to pay it while they tried to convince the city that they lived in their house. I wouldn't want to wish that nightmare on anyone. I get the desire to get vacant properties occupied but we should not trample innocents in our zeal to get at wrongdoers.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

45 Bates Street NW

This post is just a place marker of sorts that may or may not be followed up.
Within ANC Bradley A. Thomas' SMD report was something about the Vacant/Blighted Properties Task Force listing three properties that were vacant. One was 1530 3rd St NW, which has been written about here. The other two were 227 Bates St NW and 45 Bates Street NW.
45 Bates Street has been vacant for a while and is boarded up. According to the DC Property Tax database 45 Bates is owned by Cameron Properties of DC, Inc with a PO Box in Valrico, FL. This company obtained the property in 2014 for $50K.$103K is owed in taxes, and so it appears this is being taxed at the vacant rate.