Thursday, January 30, 2014

509 O St NW- Still Vacant, Still Falling Apart

509 O St NW by In Shaw
509 O St NW, a photo by In Shaw on Flickr.
There is a little less of the building since this photo was last taken. It is a study in how a building can slowly fall apart.
I pass by it often, at least once a week. It is still an eyesore that apparently no princes nor principalities can redeem.


a neighbor said...

didn't the woman who owns (owned?) this get taken to court a few months ago, and fined/forced to sell or repair it?

Mari said...

She went to court, the city was supposed to raze the property, but changed their mind.
I've given up hope.

Unknown said...

Has anyone heard new info on this property? I believe a neighbor bought s percentage of the property at a bank sale of some sort, but not enough to force the owner into any action.