Thursday, January 30, 2014

310 P St NW

300 blk of P St NW by In Shaw
300 blk of P St NW, a photo by In Shaw on Flickr.
This is a blighted property.
It has been a blighted property for as long as I can remember. But notice the pop up on the left. It was a vacant shell at one point. Now it is a residence. I don't remember the story for the pop up on the left.
The story here is for Jan 2014 the owner Allison Bennett of Largo, MD owes $185,204.39 in real property taxes, a little less for sewer and trash. Blighted properties are charged $10 for every $100 of value. The land it sits on is valued at about $200K. Ms. Bennett came to the property in 2006. According to Redfin, she purchased it for $180K, according to the DC government, it was $380K.
I've blogged about this property before,  here (and the neighboring house here  and here) and not much has changed.


Royal Plaza said...

My name is Mr. Charles. I am the new owner of 310 P Street, NW. I recently acquired this property, however the deed will recorded the first week of February 2014. I recently applied for a building permit and will start construction as soon as it is approved. I believe construction time will be somewhere between 3-4 months. This property will be on the market and ready for sale in June. I know this property has been an eye sore to the community however I ask that you please bear with me.

Mari said...

Congrats on your new property. I do hope that you can do something with it and make it a home for someone.
I do recommend reaching out to the adjoining residents, just to give them a heads up and to start the construction phase off on the right foot.