Monday, January 6, 2014

Update to Yellow Tape Crooked House

There is now a tall chained linked fence surrounding the yellow end structure that was mentioned in my last post "Yellow Tape, Crooked House" .
A quick look in DCRA's PIVS Application (Property Information Verification System) shows no recent permits for 1801 6th St NW, nor 1803 6th St, NW, the adjoining property which shares a lot number with the offending structure.
Another peak at recent sales (though the tax office can be slow at posting these things) do not show the proerty being sold to anyone and still owned by E.D. Samuel who is not receiving the homestead deduction. The properties, as they share one lot, are taxed at the normal rate. There are no strongly positive search results in the Social Security Death Index, but I don't have as much confidence in the SSDI since I still cannot locate my dead aunt, the one with the estate paying her reduced senior property tax rate. 

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