Sunday, April 13, 2014

Vacant Update Walk

Today my spouse (the Help) and I took a fun walk around Shaw and Mount Vernon Square to take pictures of houses previously listed on DC Vacant Properties and/or written about on other blogs and found extras that will get their own posts.
I'm happy to say many houses that were once vacant are now occupied or in the process of being renovated or are up for sale. 1314 9th St NW and 1316 9th St NW which were written about in 2007 are now hip cool commercial establishments housing the A&D bar, Seasonal Pantry, Sundevich, and Thally. I've enjoyed all of these fine places and their presence on 9th Street have given the area a positive foodie vibe.
In the coming days and weeks I'll take on each property. For the properties that returned to the land of the living, gold stars and kudos to those who made it possible, and they will be removed from the list on the right. For those houses and lots that continue to rob their neighbors of their piece of mind, that are a blight on the block and just don't do anything good, they will get the spotlight. We pray that eventually, those vacant properties will also become homes and vibrant businesses, that bring tax revenue and neighborly good will to the city.

Also if there is a property in your neck of the District that needs the spotlight please contact me at mari at inshaw dot com with the subject line "Vacant property".

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