Wednesday, May 23, 2007

1000 M Street, NW

Vacant for 20-30 years.
First listed as vacant by DCRA on March 23 2002.
Was not listed as vacant when I reported it by fax to DCRA July 7 2004.
Owner currently listed is M Angelidou. Though no sale is recorded owners listed in the past were M Atasoy, Faik Tugberk, L Stamoul, Stamoul Angelidou. Note that M Atasoy owns 1002 M St.
Was receiving a senior citizen homestead deduction.
Provided OTR Class 3 office with Pepco bills to "prove" occupancy. Owners had turned on a lamp in front room.
Condemned in November 2005. At the time, trees were growing from the foundation, the rear part of the roof had collapsed, etc.
Released from condemnation March 28 2007 because exterior of building was brought up to code as required.
Building interior is still not habitable.
Receiving Class 3 exemption.
Has never paid Class 3 tax.
See also Restoration underway at 1000 M Street.
For examples of crime at this corner see Mugging 'round Mt. Vernon Sq.

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