Wednesday, May 23, 2007

1006 M Street, NW

Last "occupants" evicted by US Marshalls on August 7 2002.
Sold for $749,900 to Dan Scott Development LLC.
First listed as vacant by DCRA on June 23 2005.
Condemned on February 2 2006.
Sold again 10-11-06 for $1,934,425 to Dan Scott Development LLC.
Work finally started in May 2007.
Has asked the Condemnation Board for a 90 day extension. Next hearing is July 25 2007.
Receiving Class 3 exemption.


Chris said...

Is this the little blue house next to the 11th and M convenience store? There were fliers up earlier this summer stating that it was a house of ill repute. However, I live directly across the street from the house with a clear view of it, and I have never seen any shady goings on there.

So whats the deal with this place? With Lofts 11 going up right behind it, I smell retail opportunities!

ed said...

The little blue house is 1010 M St. I saw the fliers too. Reliable sources have seen men going in and out the rear of the building at all hours. The security camera in front and the closed blinds are suspicious. It is zoned commercial. 1010 was vacant for a long time but was repaired little by little over the past several years. Glad it was brought back into productive use but not if it is a brothel. If anyone has any info please share.

1006 is the red brick building.

ed said...

Recently 2 units put on the market at $1 million and $550,000.