Friday, December 16, 2016

1801 & 1803 6th St NW

So I really wanted to capture the little kitty going under 1801 6th St NW. Unfortunately kitty was spooked by my approach and it was a dark colored kitty in the evening light right next to a black hole, so no one is going to see kitty. So instead I'm posting a photo of an empty electric meter box.

Since last posting about this property in December 2013, there is a fence around 1801 6th St NW. There are huge cracks in the building and I am amazed it hasn't fallen over, yet. But then there was some clue that 1803 was occupied, maybe. There is a vacant sticker on 1801 but not 1803. Since spotting the removed meter, and the cracks in the facade I'm thinking this may be vacant too.


arainvestors said...

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Mari said...

Thought about it for about 10 minutes and figured it would be more of a headache than it was worth.
I have my reasons for keeping up this blog. If you notice, most of these posts are in Shaw/ Bloomingdale area where I live. I do this to improve the neighborhood.
If I were to use my neighborhood and librarian skilz for investment purposes, I'd do it as a partner.

arainvestors said...

Totally makes sense and I think it is great you are doing it for your neighborhood. We are always looking for great deals in that area and have no problem paying for good information. So if you ever change your mind, keep us in mind.

Talk soon,