Monday, November 7, 2016

1530 3rd St NW on BACA agenda for zoning variance

On TONIGHT (11/7/16)
1530ish 3rd St NW
At the Bates Area Civic Associating meeting tonight there is an agenda item regarding this vacant property.
As of this time there is no rear on the back of this property. That is due to the developers. Several years ago there was a fire in the house and it became vacant. Then the bank sat on it. Then last year it sold to a developer. Before that sale I'm sure there was a rear wall.

I have no idea what the developer is asking for.

It might be a reasonable request to modernize something that was a problem.

It might be something stupid and ugly or something that will hurt current and future neighbors.

Won't know until the meeting.


Unknown said...

Do you ghave the developers number??

Steven Seay said...

Do you have the developers number or a way to get in contact with dem. Email me

Mari said...

Eh, I'd have to research that, but I'm busy with other stuff. The people at the Bates Area Civic Association would know.


The owners name is Donovan, and he lives on Q Street NW.