Friday, October 9, 2015

509 O Street NW up for sale

For sale o stFinally. Okay not final till someone decides to buy it and fix it up.
509 O Street NW, the vacant property of much trouble and strum and drang is up for sale. Not a realistic price I think, but who knows. Maybe there is a group of investors with more capital than sense or maybe they can negotiate the $1.2 million price tag down.
Yes, finished the property may be worth well over 1.2 million but a shell.... Yes, this is a million dollar neighborhood. There are some condos around the corner that sold for a million. But they have parking. All the million dollar condos have parking. This has no parking. I don't know, well I don't think, it has any alley access, so trash day, that would be interesting for future residents.
UPDATE- This post was accidentally not posted till 10/9/15 and was written 9/21/15. Since then the property is off the market. Not pending. Just withdrawn from the market. Back to the drawing board.


J. poo said...

Hello Mari. How can someone like me, purchase vacant properties to rehab?

Mari said...

Hi. Well not all vacant properties are available for sale. This blog is more about the vacant properties that are annoying as a fixture in the neighborhood, not distressed properties for sale. See a Realtor about that.
You could try approaching the owner and seeing if they are willing to sell at a realistic price.
509 O St NW, at over a million wasn't realistic.
Once a property is yours then you can hire a general contractor, stand around at DCRA get your permits and fix it up as you desire.