Thursday, October 22, 2015

45 Bates Street NW

This post is just a place marker of sorts that may or may not be followed up.
Within ANC Bradley A. Thomas' SMD report was something about the Vacant/Blighted Properties Task Force listing three properties that were vacant. One was 1530 3rd St NW, which has been written about here. The other two were 227 Bates St NW and 45 Bates Street NW.
45 Bates Street has been vacant for a while and is boarded up. According to the DC Property Tax database 45 Bates is owned by Cameron Properties of DC, Inc with a PO Box in Valrico, FL. This company obtained the property in 2014 for $50K.$103K is owed in taxes, and so it appears this is being taxed at the vacant rate.

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