Thursday, January 3, 2008

925 5th Street, NW

From the mail bag:

"Love your vacant property blog. I have a question about 925 5th Street NW. Tony Cheng (the owner of the property) has removed the roof (it had a tree growing out of it anyway). The back of the property is secured by plywood. Drug users and homeless are using the building by pulling off the plywood and/or climbing over the plywood. This is clearly a violation. The building is not secure and I'm not sure that you can have a vacant building without a roof. What do I need to do to get this property properly reported as a nuisance, condemned, fixed, etc..."


ed said...
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ed said...

The people that should be notified are at DCRA and at OTR. Don't expect much.

Others include,,

CC:, They are the mayor's outreach guys for our area and are pretty good guys.

For what it is worth, DCRA has a new form at vacant_property_citizen_report_form.pdf

Good luck,

Anonymous said...

This property is in Ward 6 not Ward 2. It has been reported multiple times but the information seems to always be missing upon follow up.