Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Vacant Property Map for ANC 6A and 6C

Residents of ANC 6A and 6C,

A new interactive map of vacant properties in ANC 6A and 6C is located

Nationwide, it is Independence Day. And in ANC 6A and 6C it is also
Independence from Vacant Properties Day. As we all know, vacant
properties often fall into disrepair and attract crime, vermin and
blight. Because of these problems, vacant properties are supposed be
charged at Class III property tax rates (5 times normal) to
incentivize owners to fix up and reoccupy their properties or sell

Unfortunately, the reality in Washington DC is that many vacant
properties never get on the vacant property lists, many receive
waivers so that they do not have to pay the higher tax rates and
surprisingly, many continue to receive homestead exemptions even
though the properties are considered vacant by the DC government.

A number of volunteers from ANC 6A and 6C have worked hard over the
last several months to catalog over 300 vacant properties in our
neighborhood and posted our results on an interactive map where

1) There is a recent picture of the property
2) The property address links to the tax records
3) The properties are classified as to where they are in the
identification system.

Although a lot of work has been done, we still need your help!

We need help with the following items:

1) Pictures of the remaining properties.
2) More information about these properties, including how long it has
been vacant, if it attracting other problems, etc.
3) Reports of vacant property which do not appear on the map.

You can leave comments on the map with more information about the
properties. To report new properties or send pictures please send an
email to 6a6cvacantproperties@gmail.com

The city council is preparing to pass a vacant property law that
eliminates many loopholes in the existing law and will cause many more
vacant properties to pay Class III rates. Having a comprehensive list
and mapping of all vacant properties in ANC 6A and 6C will help us
quantify the problem in our neighborhood and report these properties
to DCRA and OTR.

Special thanks in this project go to: Tom Madison, Charles Elliott,
Bill Schultheiss, Heather Scott, Chris Homan, Stephanie Nixon, Alan
Kimber, Lance Brown, Sharon Cochran, and Rick Uzes.

Drew Ronneberg
ANC 6A Economic Development and Zoning Chair

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