Monday, July 2, 2007

Vacant and Nuisance Property Administration and Enforcement Hearing on July 3, 1:00 pm

I received the following email several days ago. Please attend if you can. At the last hearing on vacant property there were only 2 people who testified on behalf of the community: myself and the chairman of ANC2F Charles Reed. Unfortunately, I may not be able to attend this time. Individual testimony makes an incredible impact. Besides, all your friends can watch you on TV.

"Dear All:

I wanted to write to everyone who's contacted Councilmember Evans regarding concerns about vacant property. On Tuesday, July 3, 2007, Councilmember Mary Cheh, Chairperson of the Committee on Public Services and Consumer Affairs, will hold a public oversight hearing on vacant and nuisance property administration and enforcement. This hearing will explore a range of issues, including the outcomes of vacant and nuisance property cases, enforcement against serious and repeat violators, and best practices in vacant and nuisance property administration and enforcement. The public hearing will begin at 1:00 p.m. in the fifth-floor Council Chamber at the John A. Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.

If you'd like to testify or submit testimony for the record, please contact Jason Juffras, Clerk for the Committee on Public Services and Consumer Affairs:


Michele Molotsky,
Deputy Chief of Staff
Councilmember Jack Evans, Ward 2
1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, #106
Washington, DC 20004
Ph: 202-724-8033, F: 202-724-8023"


si said...

the email address doesn't work, i requested a correct one from michelle.

si said...

ok its jjuffras (at)

Rodrigo said...
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