Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Checking on Vacant Properties

There are a few easy steps to check and see if the city knows that the vacant house down the street or next door from you is vacant. Yes, to you it may be obvious, but the city is not god-like all knowing.
First thing is to check the Real Property Assessment Database. Plug in the address for the "Premise Address" and hit search now. Look at the Class 3 Exception on the form that comes up. If it doesn't say no, there is something wrong. Go down the page and click "View Tax Information" or "View Payments" if the taxes aren't at the rate of $5 or $10 (5%-10%) per $100 of property value for the year 2012, there is something wrong. Apparently the higher rate for 2013 hasn't been sent out, so let's take a wait and see with OCFO does for 2013.
Second, check with DCRA's Vacant Building Enforcement. You may download the Excel spreadsheet for 2013, and look for the address of the vacant property. The easy way to find it is to filter it by ward then look for the address which is in house number order.
If you do these and BOTH don't list the property as vacant and there are no permits (check here) for construction and it is not up for sale, email . If you find the double whammy of the property being listed as having a homestead or senior deduction also email


Bill Gwynn said...

Hi,So do you have a guide on how to purchase one of these vacant lots with the intent to build a residential house on it? Thanks. -Bill

Mari said...

Nope. The purpose of this is to alert the city and residents to the problem of vacant houses, not a money making thing.