Sunday, December 2, 2012

509 O St NW, 20001 again

There was a mention on the Shaw Neighborhood list about the property, that is common with sticky vacant houses, From David Smith:
Meanwhile, the unpaid taxes continued to pile up, it never went on the annual tax sale as a complete property, it kept mysteriously reverting from Class 3 or 4 to Class 1 Residential on the OTR database, and continued to deteriorate visibly.


Gavin Kennedy said...

Any update on this property? I live nearby and it looks worse and worse. My understanding is that the bank recently foreclosed on the owner, which I guess is good but there it sits. Great blog, btw!

Mari said...

Last I heard, the city gave permission to knock it down, then decided that the structure could be saved. Martin Moulton has a video about that part at . Looking at the tax roll Beverly is still listed as the owner.
This thing goes, on and on till the break o dawn, and the day after that, and the day after that.

Gavin Kennedy said...

and so if the city decides the structure can be saved, it cannot be torn down or altered significantly. I noticed that old owner is still listed on the tax roles, too-- not the bank. This is nuts.