Monday, May 16, 2011

455 Q St NW

CCCA President MM has posted this as a problem house:
"The front yard is a mess, the front door ajar, people have broken into
the house through the 2nd floor. A unlocked and open door is an invitation for the many homeless vagrants, former offenders and sex offenders, thieves (and God knows who) -- that pass through our community every day as they take advantage of local services -- to squat, engage in crime, illicit drug use, stash weapons, hide and escape from MPD pursuit, and/or start fires. Properties like this only make things more difficult for others in the community who want to maintain and clean and safe neighborhood."

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Rachel said...

I work with a DC developer and we work to get these properties cleaned up as well. I can contact the owner to buy this property and get it fixed up. If you want some better help than the government, let me know.