Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Looking to form a Vacant Prop Team

Vacant prop
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I want to thank Ed for passing this blog on to me. I have no great plans for it but to make it a resource several people will need to make use of this blog as a place to post and bring attention to vacant properties in DC. Not just Shaw, though that's my area, but the rest of the city from Columbia Heights to Deanwood and other neighborhoods where the city and property owners have failed and left eyesores and danger pits.
Now I am not going to scour the city looking for vacant properties. No. I'm too lazy for that. So I invite other bloggers to join and use this site to be a record to be pointed to in regards to this one subject. This would be particularly useful if you're like me and you blog about a lot of other stuff that aren't vacant buildings.

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hipchickindc said...

Hi Mari,
I stumbled upon this blog while looking for the updates to the new vacant property registration and tax laws that will be in effect as of October. You may also want to consider updating the vacant property list that you have posted. I see at least one of the projects that I represent (1316 9th St NW) that is fully renovated and has been sold out for months. I'll take a look at the list again and see if there are any others I know have been completed.