Monday, July 14, 2008

4334 Klingle Street, NW

4334 Klingle Street, N.W. has been vacant since 2001. The owner moved out then ostensibly to begin renovation/expansion of the house. The house has been in a state of partial renovation since that time. For at least the last two years, the house has had no siding and has been covered only by tar paper. For a long period the roof was covered by a blue tarp and had no shingles. The blue tarp remains on the rear to cover an open window. Much of the rear yard is covered with weeds, where not eroded from lack of proper drainage, and has construction material (untouched in years) sitting around.

Despite being vacant and being listed on the city's vacant property list since at least 2004, the owner is currently receiving the senior citizen homestead deduction. From tax records, it appears that the city rescinded its assessment of the vacant property tax rate against the property in 2008 and has retroactively credited the owner for overpayment of taxes for tax years 2005, 2006, and 2007.

Great project you're carrying on!


Anonymous said...

Still exempt on DCRA's most recent list of vacant properties (Oct. 2008)

Anonymous said...

Finally on the official list of vacant properties and not exempt. Tax records show it will be hit with the high rate.

Now, it was condemned by the BCIB last July. Why haven't any repairs been made and taxed to the owner?

Anonymous said...

Apparently the owner received yet another exemption on appeal to the director of DCRA.