Sunday, June 15, 2008

Re: DCRA/OTC Property Survey Results - PSA 705

Because sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Attached please fine photographs of just some of the vacant properties in our area. These properties are only separated by a block - at most two blocks. In the case of the vacant properties on Orange Street, there are three vacant properties in a row.

We are also attaching photographs of the destruction of property crime (CNN 077-960) that took place early morning June 8th. A vandal using bricks taken from the vacant and poorly maintained property at 2816 2nd St proceeded to launch them from the backyard of that same vacant property damaging cars parked on the street. We are including a photograph of the smashed windshield of a car parked on the street. 2816 2nd St has been vacant for many, many years (according to neighbors over 10 years). There is no excuse for this property as well as the others being unresolved. A developer has even offered to purchase 2816 2nd street to renovate it but the current owner refuses to sell - and why should he? So far there has been no consequences for him failing to maintain his property or to find a suitable occupant.

We can no longer wait for the city to take action. We need private security to be stationed at these properties, additional lighting and construction crews out here WORKING to bring these properties up to code. If the city wants to recoup these funds from the owners then they should do so but we can not wait another day waiting for city agencies to take action because if history has shown us anything it is that nothing is happening. These buildings are literally being left to rot.

Please note that we have also made several requests to the Department of Public Works to install trash cans on these blocks and they have refused to do so. According to several DPW closed service tickets. " these are residential areas and we do not install litter cans in residential areas". Please find photos of what desperate residents have been forced to do to try and combat the litter problem on their streets. The only agency that consistently responds to our requests for assistance (criminal or otherwise) is MPD (specifically Asst. Chief Groomes and Commander Joel Maupin) but MPD can not be expected to pick up the ball were all these other agencies appear to have dropped it.

Ward 8 cares about our community - does anyone else?

We are desperate for some assistance so we are cc'ing news and media agencies in hopes that they will be able to bring additional attention to the plight of our community. We are here and we are doing our part but we need assistance and follow up from city agencies.

Best regards,

The Concerned Citizens of Oakwood Street

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