Thursday, September 6, 2007

1225 10th Street, NW

This row house is clearly a shell but is not listed as vacant.
Sold on 8-8-07 but sale price is not available.
Ellis Jackson lowered the assessed improvements to only $64,910 for 2008 from $70,050 for 2007.

UPDATE:  This building was torn down.  More about it here.

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david said...

This place is an interesting story. I live next door.

The property contains two structures on it. The front that faces 10th Street is the shell only of the former row house. On the side and behind, is a large open yard area and a gated drive. At the back of the property is a converted 2 story carriage house which is subdivided as a workshop on the lower level, and a unique living residence on the upper level where the owner lives. This rear structure is built as, and resembles an oriental/pagoda style home.

The woman who is the owner is from the orient, and the property was originally bought by her x-husband who was a sculpture artist, and the place was used as a studio in the city while they lived in a nice home in Bethesda. The husband took off and the wife retained the property in settlement.

The front red brick structure has continued to collapse in the past few years leaving only the front fascade, side walls, replaced roof, and random floor beams seperating the levels. There is no back to the house and no interior rooms or floors.

The owner has been attempting to have the front unit restored with help from the historical society, grants and the like. However she hs run into nothing but problems, slow downs and city errors and the structure has recently been condemned.

There is an odd zoning problem as well, as the city somehow zoned the front home facing 10th as commercial and the back as residential and is trying to rezone it now. The owner would like to have the property separated into two and sell the front unit off for renovation, or have an investor help with renovation costs.

This is an interesting and potentially profitable scenario for someone as the property is very large front to back, and is the only un-renovated home on the street. It also backs to Blagdon Alley with access from there as well.

If anyone is interested in the property or has any suggestions or ideas, give me a buzz for details and an introduction to the owner. 202-210-4340