Monday, April 30, 2007

Gallery Place Living: CityPaper Shines Spotlight On Jemal

From Comments: si said...
"This is my problem: "sat on his properties until the deals started rolling in." This is MR. Clean's MO, he land banks his historic dumps until a build to suit tenant comes along but in the meantime, wont bother to fix a broken window. Check out the tragic former mansion at 11th & K that has a huge billboard bolted to the facade, lost half its moldings to neglect, and over the years is turning into a homeless colony & dumping ground. The building actually has cardboard additions. This is not an isolated case. check out the block w. NY, 7th, L & 6th...he owns almost all of the vacant building that encompass most of that square - broken windows and all. And the city exempts many from the Class 3 tax rate."

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